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We are unsure about the status of the forum on Wednesday the 31st of August 2011.  much depends on the after effects
of Hurricane Irene (if she hits…I  and others are trying to think it back out to sea).  We do tend to lose power where I live even in normal storms so I am not sure if I will be able to access the website to update the information about if the forum is still on or not. Additionally, I will need to hear from June Bro to insure that she is in town and has power.

Everyone stay safe and if need be you can call the A.R.E. before 5:00 on Wednesday if you think that we might be able to still do the program.


8/31/2011 Edgar Cayce Forum–JUNE BRO–The Edgar Cayce That I knew And Loved

Aug 16
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In 1943 June’s mother-in-law, Margueritte Harmon Bro, wrote an article for Coronet magazine titled “Miracle Man of Virginia Beach”, which spread the news around the country about Edgar Cayce’s remarkable gift. June’s husband Harmon decided to come to Virginia Beach to investigate Mr. Cayce and the information that was obtained within the psychic readings that were given. June and Harmon ended up living with the Cayce family for about a year and they both received a reading during that time. June will share some of her memories of what it was like to hear a “reading” given and the impact that it had on her life choices after receiving a “reading”.

Sixty-seven years ago, when World War two was in full swing, June Bro came to Virginia Beach with her husband to work with Edgar Cayce.  Harmon came to help out because Edgar’s son, Hugh Lynn, had been
drafted into the Army.  The experience with the Cayces and Gladys set the tone and direction for her life from that moment on.

June’s whole life had been focused on music starting with piano lessons from her mother at age four.  As a teenager, she attended the International Music Camp at Interlochen, Michigan, and studied piano with the famed pianist and arranger, Percy Grainger.  After finishing her B.A. at Drake University, she received a full scholarship at the Chicago Musical College, studying with the dean of Chicago piano teachers, Dr. Rudolph Ganz.  In the middle of her master’s degree, she and Harmon were invited to come to Virginia Beach.  Harmon had to get permission from his draft board to drop out of school for a year to study Edgar Cayce’s work for his doctoral dissertation.  They gave it to him.  June had to drop
out of her master’s program with Dr. Ganz.  She says it was a hard choice for them, but the best professional decision they ever made in their fifty-four years of marriage.


After her five children were grown, she became an ordained minister with a ministerial degree from Andover-Newton Theological Seminary.  She also received a Doctor of Ministry from the Chicago Theological Seminary.  She specialized in pastoral counseling with a focus on the psychology of Carl Jung, and later held staff positions in several churches, in a hospital crisis center, a halfway house for addicts, and a therapeutic farm for young adult psychotics.


June is a regular columnist for A.R.E.’ Venture Inward
magazine.  She made her first piano CD at age ninety, called “Soul  Soundings, and it is being sold in the A.R.E. Bookstore.  June is co-author with Harmon Bro of “Growing through Personal Crisis.”  She hopes to re-write it and bring it back into print.  Best of all, Kevin Todaeschi agreed to edit and print a new edition of Harmon’s biography if Edgar Cayce, “A Seer out of Season,” and asked June to write a new introduction for it.


.  Her CD “Soul Soundings:
Treasured Piano Classics” is available from her at
She’ll have some to sell at the Forum, too.


The program starts at 7:30 P.M. and runs until 9:45

It is hosted by the A.R.E and is free and open to the public

and is located at A.R.E. Visitors Center, Located on 67th St.

and Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

8/31/2011 Edgar Cayce Forum–JUNE BRO–The Edgar Cayce That I Knew and Loved

Aug 16
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July 27, 2011 Edgar Cayce Forum- PETER VAN DAAM- The Edgar Cayce Philosophy

Jul 6
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Peter Van Daam, a graduate of both MIT and Brown University, is an economist and nationally recognized pioneer in home-based education. Twice in the 1980s he achieved ballot status for Rhode Island’s office of governor. His platform was/is simple: restore the Constitution.

Introduced to the Edgar Cayce work over 40 years ago, he has been studying, applying and sharing those practical concepts ever since. In 1973 he facilitated formation of the first of what eventually numbered over 20 Search for God groups. In the early 1980s he formed a council to coordinate A.R.E. group activity in Rhode Island. In the mid 1990s he served as member coordinator for the A.R.E. Northeast Region core team.

In 2000 he settled in Virginia Beach for the purpose of writing and speaking. He became an active member of both the A.R.E. prayer group and “Work” readings study group, and a frequent lecturer on core topics including ideals, meditation, prayer, healing, health and rejuvenation. Since 2001 he has been presenting an easy-to-learn Cayce-based morning lymphatic exercise program at the A.R.E.’s headquarters conferences. In 2006 he produced a best-selling instructional exercise DVD, Western Yoga for All, and the A.R.E. featured him and his lifestyle program as a special one-day conference helping mark its 75th anniversary.

He has presented his lifestyle program (now titled “Patterning Your Life for Wholeness”) in Milwaukee, Charleston, Ontario, Ashtabula, Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Doylestown, Boston, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Providence. The A.R.E. has featured portions in numerous pre-conference workshops and for the opening morning session of its 2009 Annual Congress.

“Peter Van Daam… gives excellent instructions in simple exercises that stir up the energies of body, mind and soul and lift the spirit. Peter’s message of how not to lose functionality is so important to help us age better. I highly recommend Western Yoga For All. I really love it!” Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women

“I am most impressed… I love your DVD and highly recommend it.” C. Norman Shealy, MD, author of Life Beyond 100

Contact information: and

The Edgar Cayce Forum is from 7:30-9:45 at the A.R.E. headquarters

Special July 9th summer program in Gloucester, Va. with T.J. DAVIS- REMEMBERING EDGAR CAYCE

Jun 10
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This Web Site was created for the Edgar Cayce Forum but because we have been working for a long time to put this program together we thought that we should share a special opportunity of having T.J. Davis come to town to do a program for us in Gloucester….

       Photo of Edgar Cayce and T.J. Davis, at the fishing pier on Holly Lake, Virginia Beach, August 31, 1940.                 

   Photo taken by Gladys Davis

T.J. Davis was only three days old when he had his first reading from Edgar Cayce—a reading that ultimately saved his life. As the nephew of Edgar Cayce’s secretary Gladys Davis, T.J. was very much a part of the Cayce household until Mr. Cayce’s passing in 1945.

 Today he is one of only a handful of people who personally knew and interacted with Mr. Cayce. Needless to say, he has fascinating stories about those early years of the A.R.E. and for the first time he has consented to share those stories with A.R.E. members and friends.                                                                            

 A gifted storyteller, T.J. tells the fascinating memories of his youth in a sincere and humorous way that captivates audiences. The stories he shares not only give a glimpse of Edgar Cayce from the unique perspective of a little boy for whom garden fairies and translucent playmates were the norm, but they also deliver a serious message about the future of the planet and the souls who have chosen to be here.

 Rather than a formal lecture, T.J. likes to recreate the atmosphere of a “fireside chat”—gathering in a more intimate and casual setting that’s better suited to engaging conversations and informal question and answer sessions. 

 This is a rare opportunity to talk to someone who not only knew Edgar Cayce and his family, but was an eyewitness to the awesome events that occurred in the last nine years of Mr. Cayce’s life.

What Mr. Cayce said about T.J. Davis

“ . . . it may be seen that THIS entity may become more important in the affairs of the WORLD than this entity in its previous experience has been to America.”

 “A natural scribe, as is indicated from the very LOVE of EXPERIENCES through the entire experience of the entity in this sojourn.”

 “As has been indicated through the periods, this influence in Mercury will make for a high MENTAL development.”

 “ . . . the entity will make for friendships in EVERY association, off all characters . . . For, as the entity in its relationships must belongs as it were to the WORLD, it will regard all peoples alike.”

All research and written information was provided by author, lecturer and the Charlottesville A.R.E. coordinator, Joanne DiMaggio, who is currently working on a book about T.J. Davis. 

Conversations with T.J. Davis

Carters Cove Club House,   Gloucester, VA

$20 per person

Refreshments will be served

Saturday, July 9th, 2011,   1:00 p.m. –3:00 p.m.

 A Rare & Exciting Opportunity

Directions to Carters Cove Club House, 4583 Carters Cove Drive, 23061: Please note that parking is limited because the pool is open so if you can car pool that would be great!

From US 17 heading north, over the Coleman bridge ($2.00 toll for north direction only) go approximately 8 miles,  turn left on Rt. 614 at the Wawa (Hickory Fork RD) go approximately 2 miles to Rt. 632 just past Lynn’s convenience store (Aberdeen Creek RD) and make a left. Go 1.7 miles and turn left on to Carter’s Cove DR proceed to the Stop and turn left, you will see the club house on your left.

US 17 heading south from the Gloucester Court House area turn right on Rt. 614 at the Wawa and follow the above directions    

Questions;  Please email Lindy at


May 9
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Annette Gerwitz– is an intuitive, certified hypnotherapist, and psychic medium.  Her gifts of intuition also extend to animal communication.

Her intuitive readings include spirit communication and insights for individuals for their past lives and current life experiences.

She studied at the Fellowships of the Spirit School for spiritual insight training in Lily Dale, New York, and at the Journey Within School for Mediumship in New Jersey.  At the mediumship school she studied under Dr. Leonard Young, one of England’s renowned psychic mediums. Additionally, Annette was invited to be one of the psychics with the Maria Shaw’s psychic fair in Virginia Beach.

 Annette will talk about being a psychic medium in the first half of the program and give several people (approximately 15-18 depending on time) the opportunity to have a mini reading by asking a question. Annette has stated that the more specific the question the more specific the answer.

In addition to readings, she offers intuition development and mediumship workshops.

Annette maintains a private practice in Gloucester and Virginia Beach, offering individual and group psychic readings.

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, Annette can be reached at (804)- 824-1634 or e-mail:

 The program starts at 7:30 P.M. and runs until 9:45 and is located at

A.R.E. Visitors Center, Located on 67th St.

and Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451



Apr 2
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Mark Finnan

Wednesday, Apr 27, 2011 at 7:30 p.m.

 Mark Finnan is an Irish born author, playwright and actor who has written extensively and given talks on subjects in the Cayce readings, ranging from Atlantis to Reincarnation to Creative Spirituality. He has also been active with Search For God study groups and with Edgar Cayce Canada.

  His work has been presented at the Dublin Theatre Festival and in venues on both sides of the Atlantic, including at many Unity churches/centers and also here at the A.R.E.. His early training ground was the theatres of Dublin, followed by a stint at the Stanislavsky Studio in London, England.

 An innate interest in spirituality led him to the Center for Living Research, a Cayce influenced spiritual center in Dublin. A life changing and enriching experience, it also influenced his work as a actor and writer. As a result of his studies and training there he continues to teach a course in creative spiritual development that helps individuals attune to and express their true/whole self more effectively and harmoniously in everyday life. 

 He co-founded the Celtic Arts Theater in Galway for the purpose of presenting plays based on Celtic and world mythology and during the 1990s he took part in several of the inspiring Corinthian Theatre plays presented by Paula and Edward Fitzgerald of Norfolk, Virginia. He has written and performed a series of sacred dramas informed by the Cayce material, such as The Master and the Essenes. He is currently completing The Temple of God, which is set in Ephesus during the last years of the life of St. John and explores/explains the meaning of his Revelation.

 He and his former wife were involved in establishing and managing the Shelter Valley Spiritual Center in Southern Ontario, where numerous lectures, programs and workshops were offered and which was the venue for what is believed to have been the A.R.E.s first ever residential field program.

 He is the author of three books on mysteries of early Canadian and North American history that cover such subjects as Oak Island, the voyage of Prince Henry Sinclair, the Templars and their lost treasure, the legend of the Holy Grail and the influence of the Masonic and Rosicrucian movements. He has scripted two television documentaries based on his research which have been presented on A&E and Vision TV. He was also consulted on Masonic symbolism and hidden treasure legends for the first National Treasure movie staring Nicholas Cage. His illustrated talk will include highlights of his involvement with the world famous Oak Island Mystery and the extraordinary experiences he had in the process. 

 He lives in Peterborough, Ontario and can be contacted at Visit his web site at

 Open to the Public – Donations Accepted

 A.R.E. Visitors Center, Located on 67th St.

 and Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Feb 25
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April 28th, 2010 Edgar Cayce Forum

April 28th, 2010 Edgar Cayce Forum

SHERRY BROWNING – A lecturer, author, and tarot reader, has been a guest on Maria Shaw’s national , “Psychic Radio” & reader for Maria ‘s VA Psychic Fair.  Sherry lectured at VA Beach IANDS (International Assoc. for Near-Death Studies), Universal Light Expo in Columbus, OH, WVU Expo in Parkersburg,  WV; & Hocking College, Nelsonville, OH;  Oceanfront UFO Club; & last year a Edgar Cayce Forum speaker.  As reader participant in:  Mothman Festival, Pt. Pleasant, WV;  Weston, WV Lunatic Asylum Festival & Witches Ball; as well as various bookstores & private parties makes Sherry a well-rounded reader & speaker on the paranormal.

After her 1991 NDE Sherry brought back the gift of discernment.  Tarot is this mystic’s way of talking with God & having Him answer.  Author of “Climbing  Through the Window of Time” a story about meeting ghost, Mildred in 1993.  Travel down Holly Road & Mildred will tell you about 1930s gambling & building the VA Beach Fishing Pier & Sherry will tell you about  dying.  Born in Charleston, WV, Sherry resides in her ghost filled VB house & family farm in Mason County, WV.

Contact – Email:  & Facebook.

phone:  va 757-491-8074  wv 304-895-383 8

Last year Sherry spoke about life after her NDE & meeting the spirit of Mildred Lachman & how Mildred made her life more fun filled and easier.  The subject of the Forum in March will be the NDE, what it was like to die & come back to earth.  Everyone who dies comes back with brain damage, the severity depending on how long one is dead, but God also sends them back with at least one spiritual gift.  Sherry’s gift was discernment or knowledge of spiritual and earthly things.  Sherry will share her knowledge of these changing times & tell what to expect for the present & near future.

The Forum is hosted by and held at the Association for Reasearch and Enlightmant (A.R.E.) located at 215 67th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Toll free: 800-333-4499; 757-428-3588 EXT 7377

from 7:30 P.M. until 9:30 P.M

Edgar Cayce Forum for Wednesday, Feb 23, 2011 at 7:30 p.m.: Laura Jackson on Earth Changes

Jan 31
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Earth Changes Happening Now – Means What for Tomorrow?


Rev. Laura Jackson is a speaker, author, coach, consultant and advocate.  She is passionate about humanity and sharing the enormous opportunities possible within this great time of change.  Whether speaking to audiences or performing music, the same message is woven throughout: we are all connected.

Her dedication to spirituality began over twenty years ago, studying metaphysics, world religions and personal development.  In November 2006 she was ordained under the Order of Melchizedek.  Through a non-denominational and non-hierarchical ordination, she embraced the opportunity to serve more people as a celebrant and life coach.  In 2008 Laura joined the non-profit Living the Miracle, connecting with other new paradigm leaders and joining a global network of individuals modeling and sharing visionary leadership.

Today, Laura speaks nationally at conferences, churches, special events and on radio.  She speaks on many global-related topics including earth changes, 2012, metaphysics, marketing and the new paradigm community.  Becoming well-known for holding the keys to earth changes, Laura began speaking at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. in 2008 as part of their daily lecture series.  Cayce’s readings serve as the foundation of her talks, combined with her background in earth changes and metaphysics.  In today’s changing world, Laura shares how current geophysical activity is directly correlated with Cayce’s readings.  Then weaving metaphysics and modern scientific discoveries into the framework, Laura masterfully connects all the pieces with the most important piece of all, where we are going.

In 2008, Laura founded Soul Action, channeling her experiences, research and leadership into one mission to help both individuals and organizations bridge the new paradigm.  While she is also passionate about working with tomorrow’s visionary leaders, primarily non-profits and non-governmental organizations, Laura is creating a roadmap through future visioning and collaboration building.  As a pioneer and wayshower, Laura connects the global community and provides the platform that bridges the new paradigm community.

In addition to her speaking, since a young age Laura has shared her heart through her gift of music.  Her flute stylings have evolved to reflect an unparalleled versatility ranging from classical, modern, jazz, folk and Irish/Celtic.  In recent years the expansion of Laura’s playing into Native American flute and new age music has ignited her creativity into a free-flowing expression that inspires, uplifts and transforms her listeners.  She shares this gift through both performing and speaking.  Visit for Journey Toward the Heart, released December 31, 2010 featuring Laura Jackson, flutes, and pianist/composer Mark Torgeson.

Throughout Laura’s work she visions the future, leads from the heart and serves as a bridge. While there are many venues, there is but one message: We are preparing to enter a whole new era — foretold by many ancient cultures — known as oneness consciousness. Visit Rev. Jackson at, email, and visit her blog at

The Forum is hosted by and held at the Association for Reasearch and Enlightmant (A.R.E.) located at 215 67th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Toll free: 800-333-4499; 757-428-3588 EXT 7377

from 7:30 P.M. until 9:30 P.M

January 26th, 2011-Edgar Cayce Forum: SECRET HISTORY OF EXTRATERRESTRIALS ON EARTH-With speaker Lloyd Kremer

Jan 11
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Lloyd grew up in Canada and attended the University of Toronto where he received a degree in Physics, primarily Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics.

After moving to Virginia Beach in 1986, he has been employed as a Professional Mathematician, and as Senior Software Engineer on contracts for the Federal Aviation Administration and for NASA.

Lloyd has served as Conductor for trance channeled psychic readings. He is an international metaphysical speaker, having spoken across the United States, and in England, Ireland, and Egypt (on board a Nile cruise ship!).

He has participated in the CE-5 (Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind) Extraterrestrial Contact Protocols as developed by the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence under the guidance of Dr. Steven Greer.

He is a Delegate for The Resonance Project which pioneers a new (actually very old) Unified Field Theory based on geometrical principles.

Lloyd has completed the School for the Prophets curriculum as offered by the Priesthood of Melchizedek, and has studied privately under many gifted energy workers, dowsers, shamans, and professional psychics.

He is a Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, a Priest of Isis, a Reiki Master Teacher, and he’s been a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada since the age of thirteen.

The Forum is hosted by and held at the Association for Reasearch and Enlightmant (A.R.E.) located at 215 67th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Toll free: 800-333-4499; 757-428-3588

from 7:30 P.M. until 9:30 P.M.