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     Captain L. Edward VanHoose M.A. is an acclaimed biblical, scientific, and philosophical source. Though fully credentialed, he’s just fine as “Capn” Larry. An astute Chesapeake Bay waterman and jovial merry mystical mariner of the old school, his wit, words, and photographic illustrations serve both audiences, and readers, in navigating the very serious subject of how reincarnation appears in the Bible.

Learning the building trades in the family business, he earned his maritime positions from deckhand to Captain, gaining a Coast Guard Master’s license. After receiving a BA from the University of Baltimore, he received his Master’s degree in Transpersonal Study (parapsychology and the like) from Atlantic University in Virginia. He studied there, with author, Jess Stearn.

You may contact him at , should you wish him to address your group or organization, obtain a maritime photo, or simply ask questions.

     His latest work, The Bible Reveals Reincarnation possesses an unusual insight – and flavor – that sometimes surprises the reader in an always interesting and, at times, amusing book.

Theologians, pastors, scholars – and the sincere – will be best served. They will find it a “must read” reference source. The casual inquirer will find great reward and the going generally easy and reader friendly.

His methods are unique, but basically emulate those of the late University of Virginia Psychiatrist, Ian Stevenson. He investigated cases of young children remembering a past life. As did Stevenson with his subjects, words of the Bible’s most revered figures are likewise listed and state, verbatim, what they said or how they commented upon the seeming past lives of others.

As a result, The Bible Reveals Reincarnation shows numerous points of striking similarity with Stevenson’s most frequently recurring features. The main case featured is Elijah and his return as John the Baptist. Captain VanHoose points out this direct statement of Jesus affirming the linkage:

“For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John [the Baptist].

And if you wish to accept it, he is Elijah who was to come.

He [She] who has ears to hear, let him [her] hear.”

(Matthew 11: 13-15 Aramaic version)

This might answer the matter for many. At stake is that the prophesied return of Elijah had to have taken place, for Jesus to have been the Messiah. Another five corroborating statements of Jesus follow, supported by fifteen observations of prophets and saints. The final observation was made by James, the brother of Jesus. “Elijah was a human being like ourselves” (James 5:18 Jerusalem – Roman Catholic – version)

The author notes: “This prepares the way and makes a highway of information very clear as to the potentials for the reincarnation of others.”

Citing Aramaic, Jerusalem, and King James, he adds: “If Elijah is a ‘weak man like ourselves’ [Aramaic] or ‘human being like ourselves’ [Jerusalem] or ‘as we are[King James] and can routinely return – as part and parcel of the human condition – then cannot other biblical persons, Stevenson’s kids, saints, sinners, and extraordinary as well as ordinary human beings – just like us?


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