Ancient Egypt’s Influence through the ages

     The Cayce Readings provide great insight into an advanced civilization in very ancient Egypt. Their efforts toward oneness affected many later civilizations in ways we still only partially comprehend. Mayan, Inca, early Jewish, Christian, and American cultures are just a few of those influenced by ancient Egypt.  We will examine some of these influences presented in the Cayce material by reviewing the progress of several individuals who used these Egyptian tenets to help guide these later cultures and how that wisdom is still applicable in today’s world.

      Paul Mazza began studying the Cayce readings as a teenager, inspired by his father, who also prompted his interest in electronics.  He has lectured at ARE HQ and field conferences with a focus on ancient Egypt.  Since the mid 90’s, he has worked closely with the Edgar Cayce Foundation, documenting individuals who had readings and their family members.  He has located many historical items and documents to support the ongoing research at ECF.  He assisted with the compiling of material for the ARE Press book, Edgar Cayce’s Egypt.  His experience in electronics, including computers, radio, and TV, has been useful for several digital archive projects at ARE.  He is a frequent volunteer for ARE Congress and Atlanta field programs.  He volunteers for the ARE Southeast region Core Team and currently serves on our Board of Trustees. 


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