Patrick Belisle of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

Presents:   Pat Belisle in front of screen 1Do We Survive Death?

The evidence suggests, YES, but not in the way you might think…

Since the beginning of human existence, we have been asking the question, “What – if anything – happens to us after death?”  For millennia, these answers have been given to us almost exclusively through our religious traditions.  Over the past 400 years, science has been challenging that religious view with its own; many scientists claiming that “you” are only your brain… and that “you” just vanish when your brain stops working. In his talk, Patrick Belisle will share evidence that you are much more than your brain… and show you how some part of you does survive death. The presentation will also include a short video and you will hear ideas from Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Edgar Cayce, Carl Sagan, Ian Stevenson, and most interestingly, from people who have themselves survived death.


Patrick Belisle is a spiritual world traveler, having spent four years straight wandering North America and literally going around the world.  Raised Catholic, he has been a spiritual seeker since age 14 when he led his church’s youth Bible study group, going on to study theology with Benedictine monks in college.  Since then, Patrick has lived with Buddhist monks in Thailand, taught meditation and dreamwork as an A.R.E. Camp counselor for 15 years, and has practiced hypnotherapy since 1999.  Patrick believes strongly in the power of Love and has officiated dozens of weddings and led many marriage-preparation workshops in his role as an ordained clergyperson for the Church of Spiritual Humanism.  When he is not having psychic experiences or wandering the world, his day job is raising money for Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. in Virginia Beach.  Patrick blends his joyful humor with deep substance to help others find love, meaning, and inspiration.

The Forum is hosted by and held at the Association for Reasearch and Enlightmant (A.R.E.) located at 215 67th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451  Toll free: 800-333-4499;   757-428-3588

from 7:30 P.M. until 9:45 P.M.

FREE and Open to the Public – Donations Accepted

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No Edgar Cayce Forum in June because of Congress week