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There is evidence that the “knowing” of spirituality can be unified with the observations of science through two geometric symbols consisting of the triangle and the arc. Don Carroll shows how, through the millenniums, religions have intuited the importance of these shapes and incorporated their symbolism throughout their beliefs, while these same shapes have been found by modern science to be the essence of life and the cosmos. This shared geometry is not mere coincidence.

Don Carroll is a regular speaker and writer of metaphysical topics from Cayce to the Kundalini. He spent 10 years researching and writing his latest work just published by 4th Dimension Press, Sacred Geometry and Spiritual Symbolism: The Blueprint for Creation. Don is also an international tour leader for the nonprofit Association for Research and Enlightenment, visiting sites of a spiritual nature across the globe.

There is a wonderful Excerpt of Don’s new book titled Sacred Geometry and Spiritual Symbolism: The Blueprint for Creation in the July/August/September issue of Venture Inward (The Magazine of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E./Atlantic University/Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy). Don had agreed to sign copies of his book at The Edgar Cayce Forum and it looks like it is an incredibly interesting book!


The Edgar Cayce Forum is hosted by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE)  located at 215 67th Street, Virginia Beach, Va 23451.

The Forum starts at 7:30 and ends about 9:45 P.M.  A.R.E. Visitors Center, Located on 67th St. and Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451


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