peterVanDaam (1)Peter Van Daam was first introduced to the Edgar Cayce material in 1969. Peter’s study group sent him, 40-years ago, to serve as Rhode Island’s representative at A.R.E.’s 1973 annual member Congress.  Over the years Peter has acquired, independently, a rare and unusually broad and deep working acquaintance with the Edgar Cayce information and A.R.E. activities.  A graduate of both MIT and Brown University and a professional economist, Peter became a nationally recognized pioneer in home-based education.


Since 2001 Peter has been presenting his morning lymphatic exercise program at A.R.E.’s Virginia Beach conferences.  This 15-minute series of easy-to-learn movements is designed to help keep the body physically fit so that its mental and spiritual forces can manifest more fully.  Peter’s program, recognized as A.R.E.’s signature Cayce-based educational program, is available in his popular instructional DVD Western Yoga For All.  Peter also lectures and presents workshops and retreats on the core elements of what can be described as a holistic or 4th dimensional lifestyle for fulfilling one’s purpose in the 3-dimensional earth plane.

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The Edgar Cayce Forum is hosted by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE)  located at 215 67th Street, Virginia Beach, Va 23451.

The Forum starts at 7:30 and ends about 9:45 P.M.  A.R.E. Visitors Center, Located on 67th St. and Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451