new mark                                                                            THE SACRED SCIENCE OF CREATIVE SPIRITUALITY .

D o you know your true identity? Have you become the person you believe you are meant to be in this life? Are you seeking a more immediate and consistent relationship with the Divine within? Is it possible to bridge the gap between the spiritual ideal and one’s life in the material world?

As the Edgar Cayce source and others have repeatedly pointed out, and as many have experienced in different ways, we are creative spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies. Although we may know this to be true, we are still faced with the challenge of living this truth on a daily basis.  Doubts, confusion, negative influences and pressures from within and without can cause us to slip backwards or even temporally abandon our quest. That is where our creative mental ability comes into play as the means by which we can begin to more fully and effectively attune to and express who we really are day by day. From Atlantis to the present we have been trying, with the help of many teachers and in a multitude of ways, to reconnect with the source of our being, the Divine within ourselves.

Having been created as spiritual beings, we immersed ourselves in this material experience to the degree that we became entrapped in it. However through millennia, and with the help of other souls and numerous experiences in the earth we have been able to slowly reawaken to the spiritual aspect of ourselves. This progress has in the past most often been achieved by way of religious ritual, sacred ceremony, vision questing, asceticism and suffering. More recently our understanding of the innate and living connection between spirit, mind and body, and the subsequent development of integrational and transpersonal psychology, has given us greater insight into our triune nature and enhanced our ability to consciously attune to and express the higher aspect of ourselves. To more efficiently and effectively ‘ know ourselves to be ourselves, yet part of the whole. ‘

Creative Spiritual Development is one such process. It is based on the guiding ideal recommended by Cayce, the principle that ‘mind is the builder’ and incorporates directives found in the Search for God material. The result is a creative and dynamic approach to harnessing our own causative nature and achieving inner harmony. The process, like the actor’s art, relies on the conscious and disciplined use of creative imagination and being in the moment. However, unlike the actor’s art, it engages us in knowing and portraying our true self. It puts us centre stage in the Divine drama of our own life. From a scientific standpoint, the evidence of its effectiveness lies in the day to day experience of the individual as he/she develops greater self-awareness and relates more creatively and positively to others and to everyday circumstances. We are given greater freedom and opportunity to pursue our highest purpose.


Mark grew up in Ireland, immersed in Celtic legend and lore. As a young actor and writer exploring his own spiritual path he was introduced to the Cayce material at a lecture on Atlantis and the soul’s journey in the earth. As a result he attended other lectures offered by the Dublin based Center for Living Research, a personal development-spiritual growth center started by Paula and Edward Fitzgerald. So began a life long study and association with the Cayce material. Introduced to Dr. Roberto Assagiolli’s work of Psychosynthesis and the innovative therapeutic hypnosis technique developed by Dr. Terance Noble, he enrolled in the Creative Spiritual Development course being taught at the center. Having found the process beneficial in his own life he has taught it to others over the years. An author, playwright and actor, his work has been presented on stages in Ireland, Canada and the U.S. as well as on A&E and Vision TV. He has devoted many years to writing and performing a series of sacred dramas, which are presented annually by Sacred Arts Productions. He has written extensively for The Open Road and other magazines on subjects covered by the Edgar Cayce readings. He has also lectured on such topics as Prophecy, The Legend of the Holy Grail, the Arts and Spirituality and offered workshops on Dreams and Meditation. He is a former member of the management team for Edgar Cayce Canada. To know more about Mark and his work check out his website


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