In 1943 June’s mother-in-law, Margueritte Harmon Bro, wrote an article for Coronet magazine titled “Miracle Man of Virginia Beach”, which spread the news around the country about Edgar Cayce’s remarkable gift. June’s husband Harmon decided to come to Virginia Beach to investigate Mr. Cayce and the information that was obtained within the psychic readings that were given. June and Harmon ended up living with the Cayce family for about a year and they both received a reading during that time. June will share some of her memories of what it was like to hear a “reading” given and the impact that it had on her life choices after receiving a “reading”.

Sixty-seven years ago, when World War two was in full swing, June Bro came to Virginia Beach with her husband to work with Edgar Cayce.  Harmon came to help out because Edgar’s son, Hugh Lynn, had been
drafted into the Army.  The experience with the Cayces and Gladys set the tone and direction for her life from that moment on.

June’s whole life had been focused on music starting with piano lessons from her mother at age four.  As a teenager, she attended the International Music Camp at Interlochen, Michigan, and studied piano with the famed pianist and arranger, Percy Grainger.  After finishing her B.A. at Drake University, she received a full scholarship at the Chicago Musical College, studying with the dean of Chicago piano teachers, Dr. Rudolph Ganz.  In the middle of her master’s degree, she and Harmon were invited to come to Virginia Beach.  Harmon had to get permission from his draft board to drop out of school for a year to study Edgar Cayce’s work for his doctoral dissertation.  They gave it to him.  June had to drop
out of her master’s program with Dr. Ganz.  She says it was a hard choice for them, but the best professional decision they ever made in their fifty-four years of marriage.


After her five children were grown, she became an ordained minister with a ministerial degree from Andover-Newton Theological Seminary.  She also received a Doctor of Ministry from the Chicago Theological Seminary.  She specialized in pastoral counseling with a focus on the psychology of Carl Jung, and later held staff positions in several churches, in a hospital crisis center, a halfway house for addicts, and a therapeutic farm for young adult psychotics.


June is a regular columnist for A.R.E.’ Venture Inward
magazine.  She made her first piano CD at age ninety, called “Soul  Soundings, and it is being sold in the A.R.E. Bookstore.  June is co-author with Harmon Bro of “Growing through Personal Crisis.”  She hopes to re-write it and bring it back into print.  Best of all, Kevin Todaeschi agreed to edit and print a new edition of Harmon’s biography if Edgar Cayce, “A Seer out of Season,” and asked June to write a new introduction for it.


.  Her CD “Soul Soundings:
Treasured Piano Classics” is available from her at
She’ll have some to sell at the Forum, too.


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