This Web Site was created for the Edgar Cayce Forum but because we have been working for a long time to put this program together we thought that we should share a special opportunity of having T.J. Davis come to town to do a program for us in Gloucester….

       Photo of Edgar Cayce and T.J. Davis, at the fishing pier on Holly Lake, Virginia Beach, August 31, 1940.                 

   Photo taken by Gladys Davis

T.J. Davis was only three days old when he had his first reading from Edgar Cayce—a reading that ultimately saved his life. As the nephew of Edgar Cayce’s secretary Gladys Davis, T.J. was very much a part of the Cayce household until Mr. Cayce’s passing in 1945.

 Today he is one of only a handful of people who personally knew and interacted with Mr. Cayce. Needless to say, he has fascinating stories about those early years of the A.R.E. and for the first time he has consented to share those stories with A.R.E. members and friends.                                                                            

 A gifted storyteller, T.J. tells the fascinating memories of his youth in a sincere and humorous way that captivates audiences. The stories he shares not only give a glimpse of Edgar Cayce from the unique perspective of a little boy for whom garden fairies and translucent playmates were the norm, but they also deliver a serious message about the future of the planet and the souls who have chosen to be here.

 Rather than a formal lecture, T.J. likes to recreate the atmosphere of a “fireside chat”—gathering in a more intimate and casual setting that’s better suited to engaging conversations and informal question and answer sessions. 

 This is a rare opportunity to talk to someone who not only knew Edgar Cayce and his family, but was an eyewitness to the awesome events that occurred in the last nine years of Mr. Cayce’s life.

What Mr. Cayce said about T.J. Davis

“ . . . it may be seen that THIS entity may become more important in the affairs of the WORLD than this entity in its previous experience has been to America.”

 “A natural scribe, as is indicated from the very LOVE of EXPERIENCES through the entire experience of the entity in this sojourn.”

 “As has been indicated through the periods, this influence in Mercury will make for a high MENTAL development.”

 “ . . . the entity will make for friendships in EVERY association, off all characters . . . For, as the entity in its relationships must belongs as it were to the WORLD, it will regard all peoples alike.”

All research and written information was provided by author, lecturer and the Charlottesville A.R.E. coordinator, Joanne DiMaggio, who is currently working on a book about T.J. Davis. 

Conversations with T.J. Davis

Carters Cove Club House,   Gloucester, VA

$20 per person

Refreshments will be served

Saturday, July 9th, 2011,   1:00 p.m. –3:00 p.m.

 A Rare & Exciting Opportunity

Directions to Carters Cove Club House, 4583 Carters Cove Drive, 23061: Please note that parking is limited because the pool is open so if you can car pool that would be great!

From US 17 heading north, over the Coleman bridge ($2.00 toll for north direction only) go approximately 8 miles,  turn left on Rt. 614 at the Wawa (Hickory Fork RD) go approximately 2 miles to Rt. 632 just past Lynn’s convenience store (Aberdeen Creek RD) and make a left. Go 1.7 miles and turn left on to Carter’s Cove DR proceed to the Stop and turn left, you will see the club house on your left.

US 17 heading south from the Gloucester Court House area turn right on Rt. 614 at the Wawa and follow the above directions    

Questions;  Please email Lindy at