Mark Finnan

Wednesday, Apr 27, 2011 at 7:30 p.m.

 Mark Finnan is an Irish born author, playwright and actor who has written extensively and given talks on subjects in the Cayce readings, ranging from Atlantis to Reincarnation to Creative Spirituality. He has also been active with Search For God study groups and with Edgar Cayce Canada.

  His work has been presented at the Dublin Theatre Festival and in venues on both sides of the Atlantic, including at many Unity churches/centers and also here at the A.R.E.. His early training ground was the theatres of Dublin, followed by a stint at the Stanislavsky Studio in London, England.

 An innate interest in spirituality led him to the Center for Living Research, a Cayce influenced spiritual center in Dublin. A life changing and enriching experience, it also influenced his work as a actor and writer. As a result of his studies and training there he continues to teach a course in creative spiritual development that helps individuals attune to and express their true/whole self more effectively and harmoniously in everyday life. 

 He co-founded the Celtic Arts Theater in Galway for the purpose of presenting plays based on Celtic and world mythology and during the 1990s he took part in several of the inspiring Corinthian Theatre plays presented by Paula and Edward Fitzgerald of Norfolk, Virginia. He has written and performed a series of sacred dramas informed by the Cayce material, such as The Master and the Essenes. He is currently completing The Temple of God, which is set in Ephesus during the last years of the life of St. John and explores/explains the meaning of his Revelation.

 He and his former wife were involved in establishing and managing the Shelter Valley Spiritual Center in Southern Ontario, where numerous lectures, programs and workshops were offered and which was the venue for what is believed to have been the A.R.E.s first ever residential field program.

 He is the author of three books on mysteries of early Canadian and North American history that cover such subjects as Oak Island, the voyage of Prince Henry Sinclair, the Templars and their lost treasure, the legend of the Holy Grail and the influence of the Masonic and Rosicrucian movements. He has scripted two television documentaries based on his research which have been presented on A&E and Vision TV. He was also consulted on Masonic symbolism and hidden treasure legends for the first National Treasure movie staring Nicholas Cage. His illustrated talk will include highlights of his involvement with the world famous Oak Island Mystery and the extraordinary experiences he had in the process. 

 He lives in Peterborough, Ontario and can be contacted at Visit his web site at

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