November Edgar Cayce Forum On December 1st: ANGELS IN OUR EVERYDAY LIFE

Oct 30
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Karen Hauck began her spiritual journey in the late 80’s while working as a management analyst for the Department of Defense in Alexandria, Virginia.  Following the Holy Spirit’s guidance, she closed that 20 year chapter in her life and moved to Atlanta to work on the sequel to a two hour NBC special documentary, Angels the Mysterious Messengers, her brother Rex had written, produced and directed for an audience of 22 million in the Spring of ’94.  The sequel, Angels II, Beyond the Light was aired in October ’94. 


The past several years Karen has been speaking on angels at the afternoon survey lectures at the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach.  Her talks are humorous and transformational as she shares her own personal experiences on the joy of connecting with our heavenly helpers.  You can learn more about angels by visiting her blog at

Hosted by the A.R.E. Located at 215 67th Street, Virginia Beach, Va. program starts at 7:30

October 27th Edgar Cayce Forum: DREAMS OF DESTINY, GUIDANCE AND DEATH by Inge O’Bourne

Oct 13
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A little information about Inge O’Bourne would include the following:

Reading the Edgar Cayce Material turned my life around. Writing down my dreams, as recommended in the readings, made me aware of how much intimate knowledge my dreams seemed to have about me, my life, my future, my aspirations, my problems. Seeing dreams as God reaching out to me, trying to guide, to help, to comfort, to warn, I came across many, many examples of God’s deep love for us. Dreams healed me of bulimia, cured my son of mental illness, warned me of marrying the wrong person, made me an artist and told me not to judge anyone. My dreams have told me how to live my life in the best possible way. Now, if I only had the courage to follow them where they’re trying to lead me!

The Edgar Cayce Forum is hosted at A.R.E. Headquarters from 7:30-9:45