July 28th Forum- Edgar Cayce & Quantum Physics- part 2 with Peter Van Daam

Jun 5
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Peter Van Daam, a graduate of both MIT and Brown University, is an economist and nationally recognized pioneer in home-based education. Twice in the 1980s he achieved ballot status for Rhode Island’s office of governor. His platform was/is simple: restore the Constitution.

Introduced to the Edgar Cayce work over 40 years ago, he has been studying, applying and sharing those practical concepts ever since. In 1973 he facilitated formation of the first of what eventually numbered over 20 Search for God groups. In the early 1980s he formed a council to coordinate A.R.E. group activity in Rhode Island. In the mid 1990s he served as member coordinator for the A.R.E. Northeast Region core team.

In 2000 he settled in Virginia Beach for the purpose of writing and speaking. He became an active member of both the A.R.E. prayer group and “Work” readings study group, and a frequent lecturer on core topics including ideals, meditation, prayer, healing, health and rejuvenation. Since 2001 he has been presenting an easy-to-learn Cayce-based morning lymphatic exercise program at the A.R.E.’s headquarters conferences. In 2006 he produced a best-selling instructional exercise DVD, Western Yoga for All, and the A.R.E. featured him and his lifestyle program as a special one-day conference helping mark its 75th anniversary.

He has presented his lifestyle program (now titled “Patterning Your Life for Wholeness”) in Milwaukee, Charleston, Ontario, Ashtabula, Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Doylestown, Boston, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Providence. The A.R.E. has featured portions in numerous pre-conference workshops and for the opening morning session of its 2009 Annual Congress.

“Peter Van Daam… gives excellent instructions in simple exercises that stir up the energies of body, mind and soul and lift the spirit. Peter’s message of how not to lose functionality is so important to help us age better. I highly recommend Western Yoga For All. I really love it!” Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women

“I am most impressed… I love your DVD and highly recommend it.” C. Norman Shealy, MD, author of Life Beyond 100

Contact information: peter.vandaam@yahoo.com and www.petervandaam.com

The Edgar Cayce Forum is from 7:30-9:45 at the A.R.E. headquarters

as normal- no Edgar Cayce Forum in June–see you in July

Jun 5
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